Huarache Disclaimer & Info

J&L’s Boutique has made every effort to ensure that the products are described as best as possible to insure the product information is correct. It is to the best of our ability that the colors and details of our products are displayed as accurately as possible. Due to picture lighting differentials and sources, and or filter settings, we are unable to guarantee that the color you will see on your monitor will completely reflect the true color of the product you may receive.

The Huaraches are made of authentic leather, and each individual shoe is hand crafted as such. The leather may reflect natural blemishes such as scars, scratches, wrinkles and markings. These variations are normal, and should not be considered as a defect, leather is a natural product from an animal. Therefore differences in the texture of the leather should be considered as genuine uniqueness of the leather.

For long lasting use protect your shoes from getting wet and prolonged exposure to direct sun light and heat. Leather footwear usually takes about 2-3 weeks of wear before softening. For best comfort we recommend wearing your shoes for 1-2 hours a day to start breaking them in, and then increasing use from there. As a natural product it is common to wear and tear over time.

Please be advised that some sole bottom of the huaraches may have a sleek make to them. Keep in mind these huaraches are coming from Mexico and are hand crafted individually as an art piece. Please wear your huaraches with comfort and caution as you may slip. To prevent from falling while wearing huaraches with sleeker smoother soles, avoid running or walking in an area where it may be slippery or difficult to walk in. We recommend to wear sandals at your own discretion and with caution.